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Open Season - Getting Ready (S1 Ep. 4)

Andi and Eddie prepare together for a night out apart.

Watch episodes 1-3 here

Putting On Pants Without Using Arms (set to The Final Countdown)

Even your heroes put on their pants one leg at a time.” - a wrong person.


Drink ‘n Drawfee 2

Caldwell, Nathan, and Jacob draw requests and answer questions live for OVER TWO HOURS. Is this really how you want to spend your life? It is? Oh. Huh. Cool.

DRAWFEE BREAK - A Hole Comic Strip

Nathan, Caldwell and Jacob each draw a panel of a hole comic strip on this week’s Drawfee Break.

How Much Damage Did The Avengers Do to This Cafe?  

Insurance companies: the unseen villains


Jake and Amir: Hoops

He got shame.

CollegeHumor Comment ShowEmily, Pat, and Trapp respond to comments and discuss:

Watching All 3 Transformers Movies at the Same Time (Oh, the Similarities)

3 times the character development!


The Gun Control Debate… Told Through Nerf Guns

"You can pry it from his soft, foam hands."

Black on Black Challenge - DRAWMBAT

Caldwell and Nathan draw blindly in the Black-on-Black Challenge on this week’s particularly silly episode of Drawmbat. With special guest judge, Jake Young. Also dancing!

Suarez Bit My Finger

And Charlie was using baby teeth.


I Dare You To Watch This Entire Video 

Can you make it through the whole thing?

Today is National Catfish Day. Celebrate with the Worst Catfish Scam EVER!

Nathan and Jacob take turns trying to create the most majestic creature ever drawn on this week’s Morning Drawfee.

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Tired of Lifehacks and “Things You’re Doing Wrong”

Tip: Save the time you would have spent watching lifehacks by watching this.