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Special guest Julia Lepetit from takes on the line challenge in this week’s Drawmbat!

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This Guy Just Got Kicked In The Head By A Train

The lesson here is don’t be an idiot because a train might just kick you in the head.


Harry Potter And The Sexual Education Class

Expecto some boners.


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Nathan and Caldwell take turns drawing one line at a time in this week’s Drawfee Break!

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Hilariously Accurate Romantic Comedy Trailer (NSFW)

Sometimes you just can’t predict when true love is going to come.


Is this what Coachella is like?

Honest Music Festival Commercial

Pope Francis Talks About His Time as a Bouncer

Jesus Christ, that’s one badass pope.


Video to Make Your Hands Sweaty

Why do methamphetamine when you can just click “play.”

It was only a matter of time before goats invaded Game of Thrones and that time has come.

'Game Of Thrones' Now Has The Inevitable Goat (And Kitten) Remix


Your Mother… is so fat, she’s been hospitalized for morbid obesity. 


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How To Piss Off Your Insurance Agent »


Bradley Cooper Pissed About the HIMYM Finale (Silver Linings Playbook Re-Edit)

In fairness, the novelization of the show is a bit curt.