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Happy National Wildlife Day!

Here’s an “Overly Realistic Version of Buck Hunter” 


Greatest. Freakout. Ever.

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GoldenEye Stand-Off

He’s got a license to kill within the agreed-upon multiplayer rules.

Videogame University: The New Class

Illustrated by Caldwell Tanner 

Written by Caldwell & Dorkly Editor-In-Chief Andrew Bridgman.

1. To increase realism, characters can text while smashing their cars into each other.

2. Luigi’s vehicle won’t start unless he blows into a little tube and gets less than a 0.02.

3. A lot of new items with which to destroy other drivers, such as fireballs, a boomerang, and passive-aggressive comments.

4. While coins were also collected in SNES MarioKart, in this game they are to be used properly after each level in investing in sources of passive income, learned from the mandatory, in-game “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” seminar.

5. Heated seats, dual seatback DVD players, and keyless entry. All come standard.

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Super Mario Bob Ross
Every tree is a happy tree when you’re on mushrooms!

Super Mario Bob Ross

Every tree is a happy tree when you’re on mushrooms!


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(Source: College Humor)

Frozen Meets GTA IV

Guilty of breaking and entering our hearts.


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