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The Worst Person In The World

I hope something terrible happens to her and she has to become the “dishpan hands” model.

Genius Matt Damon Video Shelf

It’s refreshing to know that one deformed puppet can overshadow a career of greatness.

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Commentary On: Boyfriend Envy

It’s like a love triangle. You just have to read between the three lines.


Trance Anthems on Two Acoustic Guitars

Personally, I prefer trance covers of Dave Mathews songs but this is still pretty cool.


This is Every YouTube Video Ever

If you want to be a part of the problem, please rate and subscribe!

Barack Obama Singing Timber by Pitbull (ft. Hillary Clinton)

Hail to the Pitbull.

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Worst Behavior - Punjab Edition

Started from New Delhi now we here.


Jake and Amir: Real Estate Agent Pt 2 (w/ Ben Schwartz)

This place could be sweeter…

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Brian Williams Raps “Gin and Juice”

Read news everyday.

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Livin’ on Netflix — Hilarious Walking on Memphis Parody

Do yourself a favor and binge listen.

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Poster Ideas

A picture is worth a thousand dollars.


Hardly Working is NOT fake! See more at

Shit got real. 

Fancy Game of Chess (Wait for It…)

Even fancy chess can get your goat.


All I Want For Christmas Is Cash (Mariah Carey Parody)

The holidays are all about togetherness… with people that often buy you terrible, terrible gifts. Guess what? The thought is not what counts. So this Christmas, give the gift of freedom: United States currency.

EA Sports Guy

Get in the frame.