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Very Mary-Kate: Presentation 2

I put my Louisiana Purchase on my Amex.

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Guess who’s coming back soon…

Guess who’s coming back soon…

Very Mary Kate: Hoffman

A reminder to be careful when you’re answering the door for trick or treaters tonight. Any one of them could be Philip Seymour Hoffman.

[Very Mary-Kate]

[Very Mary-Kate]

Very Mary-Kate: Church

The lord is my shepherd, but lambswool makes me itchy.

Very Mary-Kate: Draw Something

Mary-Kate challenges Bodyguard to some 1am Pictionary.

Very Mary-Kate: Naked

Bodyguard’s in his birthday suit.

Very Mary-Kate: Jail

Mary-Kate deals with life in the slammer.

CollegeHumor Offline Intro

Your house may not be the Gramercy Theater, but at least you don’t have to wear pants there.


Thought you had a crazy couple of weeks? WELL, CollegeHumor has TWO shows in the next TWO weeks! Sounds awesome, right? 

1. CH Live at UCB - Revenge of the Website - July 26th @ 9:30PM

Our monthly show at UCB is going to be ridiculous this month. We’re handing the keys over to the kids behind your favorite articles. We’re talking Jeff “Rosie” Rosenberg, Brian “Murph” Murphy, and the infamous Susanna Wolff, and more. 

2. CollegeHumor Offline - August 2nd - The Gramercy Theater @ 8PM

This is our huge annual show featuring a party of performers and live gigs, hosted by Streeter Seidell!


  • Jake & Amir
  • "Very" Mary Kate
  • The CollegeHumor Funtime Family Band!: Josh Ruben, Adam Conover, Patrick Cassels, Jenny Jaffe, Kevin Corrigan, Emily Axford, Dan Gurewitch, Owen Parsons, and Vincent Peone


These are our biggest two shows of the year, then we’re off of the rest of the summer. Come hang out with us IRL! 

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CollegeHumor Offline Returns August 2nd

Jake and Amir, Very Mary-Kate, Hardly Working, and more! Tickets available at and

VERY MARY-KATE / Summer House

Mary-Kate gets lost indoors and has to crack out her survival skills.

Very Maggie Smith: The Case of the Cracked Teacup

When Maggie Smith’s Teacup goes handle-less, everyone’s a suspect.


thanks for the gif, setfiretoyourfavs!

Very Mary Kate : Presentation #3

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