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Finish reading If Dating Worked Like You Thought It Would as a Kid

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Finish reading If Dating Worked Like You Thought It Would as a Kid

CollegeHumor Live with Host Will Stephen: Tinder Strategy Powerpoint

The Truth About Hookups

Could it be love at first swipe?


Watch Jake and Amir: Tinder 
It’s love at first swipe.

Watch Jake and Amir: Tinder

It’s love at first swipe.

(Source: College Humor)

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Jake and Amir: Tinder

It’s love at first swipe.

They’ve already swiped left, pal.

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Vote for the Best Tinder Pick-Up Line

Some of these might just be stupid enough to work.

The official voting period ends Friday May 23, 2014 at 12:00AM so get your votes in now.

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but this Tinder thing seen seems to be really popular in hookup culture right now. Don’t fret if you’re striking out, you’re probably just asking women if they “want the pipe” all wrong. The tumblr TinderLines has hundreds of solid pick-up lines that are sure to score you a ride on the bang train. 

* Terrible and with a .0001 chance of working. 

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Wingmanville: When you see a hottie you like, your phone automatically sends a text from your best friend’s phone to the hottie’s best friend’s phone asking if they like you back. All the ease of technology, with the nostalgic charm of a 6th grade dance.

MatchBot: First, you rank your preference for every other app user in order. The app mathematically pairs everyone up with their mutually optimal match, and then you are contractually obligated to marry that person and spend the rest of your life with them. You can’t get turned down, because it’s illegal!

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(Source: College Humor)

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(Source: College Humor)

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Tinderella: A Modern Fairy Tale

Present day Cinderella doesn’t wait for a fairy godmother to fix her up, she uses Tinder. Watch our take on the classic fairytale, updated for 2014. It may not end happily ever after, but it’s good enough for tonight.

Which dating app are YOU!?! 
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