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Too Many Jay Leno Cameos

The world’s most prolific method actor.

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Sorkinisms II

Can we please stop walking? My feet are killing me.

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The Worst National Anthem Ever Supercut

They should have just recited “The Pledge of Allegiance,” or never agreed to do anything like this at all.

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"One Man" Movie Trailer Supercut

I’m sorry, I missed that. How many men?

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Jerome is a Gangsta from the Suburbs

Eric Dunn’s Vines all in one place (your cul-de-sac).

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All the Lens Flares from J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek

Blinded by the light. 

All the Lens Flares from J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek

Prepare for Star Trek into Darkness by staring at some light.

The Day After Mother’s Day

Definitely a good “post mother’s day” present.


Commander Riker Always Sits Down the Same Way (Star Trek Supercut)

Sitting down is… just like riding a bike?


Documentaries Out of Context Make People Seem Crazy

In these instances, it’s way more entertaining to judge a book by its cover.

Mr. Weir from Freaks and Geeks is the Ultimate Dad

Don’t cut corners in life. You’ll wind up dead. 

Top 61 Remington Steele Episode Titles

This show was cancelled after five seasons because they ran out of puns.

4 Minutes of People Throwing Up While Lifting

Muscle Milk’s even better for you on the way out.


When Cheerleaders Fail

N-E-C-K  B-R-A-C-E   What’s that spell?


Every “W” Word in Django Unchained

Shame on you, Quentin.