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This show needs more synonyms for “Who’s your daddy?”

Supercut: Every “Bastard” In Game Of Thrones


And Now, 38 Seconds of Dogs Panting (Supercut)

Gee wiz, that was fun! Can’t wait to do that again. What a life.


16 Animals Chewing Human Food (Supercut)

Yum yum yum, bite-sized food sure is cute.


Every Videogame from The Simpsons »

Dogs Imitating Sirens: The Supercut

You know when you’re a Dog, hangin’ out doing Dog Stuff and you hear another dog howling at you from far away? And then your owner is like “No, Dog, that is not a dog that’s a Siren” but you just howl back anyway to your new friend? And then your owner decides to film you? Ugh. #ThingsOnlyDogsWillUnderstand

Kids Losing Balloons (the Supercut) »

Supercut Of Louis CK Talking About Dicks

So many you could almost fit them in a bag.



Dang, he pimped his own entrance.


Alex Trebek Raps a Jeopardy! Category Supercut

Nobody spits hot fire like Trebek


How to Make a Superhero Movie in 10 Easy Steps

With great power comes not that much originality.


Star Wars Trailer: Blooper Derp Edition

Luke, I am your derp-a-derp.


Rappers Introducing Themselves Supercut

Well, I will leave the introductions to you then.


Guilty Dogs Compilation

Bad dog. Bad dog. Aw no, don’t feel bad.


Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want: the Infomercial Music Video

Lord knows it would never happen like this in real life.


I Wish I Wasn’t Jesse’s Girl (Breaking Bad Parody)

Love hurts.