I worked at a gaming store a few years ago. One day I’m standing behind the counter, when this one really nerdy kid walks in (He looks to be 15-16.). Hes wearing a jacket, it was odd because it was hot outside. All of the sudden he runs up to the counter, and takes out a medium sized kitchen knife. He threatens to stab me if I don’t give him a copy of this new JRPG, and all the free 30 days of WoW cards that the store has. As I act like I’m reaching under the counter, I take out a handful of game cases and start to throw them at him. I eventually knock the knife out of his hand with a well thrown case. And he runs out of the store. I call the police and give them a description of him thereafter. Police find him 15 minutes later, riding his bike home. He tried to rob the store because his Parents wouldn’t pay for his WOW subscription.