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Here’s a simple life philosophy:¬†"Be more aware of where your food comes from, and make a daily effort to eat better."

The Health Truther knows that this philosophy is for PUSSIES. Forget “just trying to eat well” — this Facebook vet knows that EVERY SINGLE DAY, 3 more foods are revealed to have NEAR-MAGICAL HEALING POWERS OF IMMORTALITY and 3 other foods have been scientifically proven to MURDER YOU AND EVERYONE YOU CARE ABOUT (and those foods KNOW who you care about).

These reports often conflict, or are completely exaggerated for click-baiting effect, or are wholly inaccurate, but that’s not important. What IS important is that this person must post EVERY SINGLE ONE in an effort to make you aware of your inevitable impending death and to let you know that they’re now immune to liver cancer because they ate cilantro twice.

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