If College Classes Taught Things Actually Useful For College


  • Parties: how to kinda nod and look at your phone so everyone just thinks your friends haven’t show up yet.
  • Showing up on time to parties: Why you don’t do it.
  • When the proper time to talk about your band is and how that time is never.

Modern Warfare

  • “Hold me back bro!” How to yell this in a way that implies that if your bros weren’t holding you back, oh man, it would go down.
  • “Yeah? Come at me bro!” Perquisite: No fewer than four (4) popped collars.
  • The game Modern Warfare.
Ethnic Studies
  • Puerto-Rican girls and why they aren’t returning your texts.
  • Being Canadian and why that doesn’t means you’re ethnic, Dwayne.
  • Seriously, Dwayne. At least stop saying the N word.

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