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San Jose, CA (Wednesday, Sept. 14, 2011) — After being prompted by a bizarre online fan challenge, lead singer of the multi-platinum GRAMMY-nominated group Smash Mouth, Steve Harwell, has set a date to eat 24 eggs as promised. Pairing up with celebrity chef Guy Fieri who has offered to cook the eggs, the “Egg Challenge” will take place on October 10, 2011 at 1:30 p.m. at Fieri’s restaurant, Johnny Garlic’s, in Dublin, Calif.


The greatest Internet coup since Betty White hosted SNL.

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The image of Guy Fieri standing next to Steve Harwell cannot be unseen, and I haven’t even seen it yet.

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Pat and I often joke that Guy Fieri, Steve Harwell and Dexter Holland would probably be friends and do stuff like go to Six Flags together (since that’s what people in the late-90’s did). But even in our wildest, most insane hoarse-voiced bits we would have never come up with these two at an egg eating challenge. Fact truly is stranger than fiction. 

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(via streeter)

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