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1. WOOOHOOOOOOO! Road trip. Got your shades, got your playlist, got your snacks. Man, you feel like such a grown up. But not just any grownup — an interesting citizen of the world. Like, you bet you’ll write a cool memoir someday. Who knows what CrAzY adventures you and your best buds will get into on this trip?

2. Jesus, you did not realize renting a car would be this expensive. And that you’d have to drive the whole way because everyone else you’re going with doesn’t have the right insurance. But whatever. This is exactly the kind of thing you SHOULD be spending money on. LIVING.

3. Huh. Traffic already. Weird. Well, once you get on the highway it’ll start being fun.

4. Your friends have already run out of interesting things to talk about, so they turned on the radio, but it’s at that annoying volume that’s too loud to ignore and too quiet to really hear well, and for some reason you’re embarrassed to ask to turn it up. It must just be you. Are you hard of hearing now? Are you super old?

5. You kinda wish you were alone in the car so you could turn it way up and sing along badly. Definitely can’t do that with other people there. At least not this early in the trip.

6. The radio’s started getting more and more fuzzy, but it’s a good song so no one wants to be the one to change it. This is getting unbearable.

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Screencap: Kentuky

Screencap: Kentuky

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It’s okay because her mother had the same reaction to The Osmonds. 

One Thanksgiving I decided to drive to Canada just to have something to do over the holiday since I couldn’t visit my family. I left Las Vegas, NV right after class that day and drove for 19hours straight. I get to the border not having slept for 24hrs. They asked where I was coming from and I told them, then they asked why I was visiting Canada and I said like a smart ass “Adventure.” I was pulled out of the line for a drug inspection and a urine test. They told me I looked like a tweaker smuggling drug across the border.