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Mixing Engineer Makes Shitty Remix After Screamo Band Doesn’t Pay

Somebody’s gotta pay. And I guess it’s gonna be us.


Eminem - Rap God (Pug Version)

Will the real Slim Shady please poop outside?


Rick Ross - Hold On, I’ll Eat It All (Drake Remix)

M-m-m-m-meatloaf music.


Microsoft Heisenberg

I am the Blue Screen of Death.


The Archer - Top Gun Danger Zone Remix You’ve Been Waiting For

Let’s just hope Archer doesn’t get into Scientology.


OG Wind Waker Link

Pass the ocarina, homes.


John Boehner Presents: Wrecking Ball Government Edition

He may have shut down the government, but he’ll never shut down his heart.


If “Wrecking Ball” Were an 80’s Pop Song

We can’t stop — using these cool new mobile telephones!


Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball “Datamoshed,” Whatever That Means, It’s Super Trippy

Well, my brain just got demolished.


Huell Waits

Better call Saul. Just to pass the time.


Blurred Sanford (Blurred Lines Sanford and Son Mashup)

A part of me still expected to see Miley Cyrus twerking on Redd Foxx.


Breaking Bad As A Romantic Comedy

Walter learns how to knock.


Our good friend and official CH remixer Stony is in the final round of a “best cover” competition and needs some help.  Right now its 50/50 and I believe voting ends fairly soon.  If everyone could vote for Stony to give him a final push he might be able to edge out a win.

Here’s the link

Barack Obama Popped a Molly and Is Sweating

Shout out to them (Congress) freshmen, on Instagram straight flexin’


Bikers Biking on Mini Versions of Themselves Biking [Click for more]

The Tour de France tests some of the world’s top athletes to push themselves. Here at CollegeHumor, we think it’s better to ride yourself! A tiny version of yourself that looks exactly like you and knows all your thoughts and you send to family reunions and everybody says you’ve gotten so much smaller and you say “that’s because I ride so fast!”