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1. This squirrel can rap

6 Animals with Impressive Musical Talent

Kendrick Lamar’s FULL Diss List Revealed [Click for Page 2]

Pro Surfer’s Anastasia Ashley’s Twerking Warm-Up Routine

Hang perfect ten.


Don’t Drop That Thun Thun Thun Grandma

No! Those are my pills! My antibiotics!


Barack Obama Popped a Molly and Is Sweating

Shout out to them (Congress) freshmen, on Instagram straight flexin’


Nicki Minaj Singing Absolute Gibberish

I’m having a hard time deciding whether I like this more than her actual lyrics.


OMG Rapping C-3PO is Horrible. Just Horrible

Droid please.



Thanks to Chris “Shockwave” Sullivan for helping me do this extremely weird intro for CH Live. If you enjoy half-assed standup, spoken word poetry or white men rapping about their sweating problems, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this. 


Can Music Settle A Fight?

Reggie Watts and his assistant, Asif, use music to stop two people from kicking each other’s asses. The guys engage in a rap battle with Caustic, then take music to the streets of Hollywood – to heal some lovers’ spats. Can a song settle a fight? You’re about to frickin’ find out.

The Lonely Island: Go Kindergarten (ft. Robyn, Diddy, & Paul Rudd)

Goin’ so stupid, we hooked on phonics in the club.

The Lonely Island: Diaper Money

You probably don’t want this money to make it rain…


Gift Shop (Thrift Shop Parody)

Your summer anthem has arrived ahead of schedule. 

White Guy Rapper is White and Hilarious, Man

Ha ha ha! Hippity hop! What a fun fella!


Tucci - “Not Changing”

So this kid rapper is anti-puberty?