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Jake and Amir: Work Out Clothes [Click to watch]

Has Amir been working out? Or is that just how he dresses now?

In PE we have fitness testing, and this year the school bought push up counters that you have to hit with your chest. Being an all girls’ high school, there are some girls in different stages of maturing, and it became quickly clear that ladies who are…erm…well endowed, don’t need to work as much. I pointed this out to my teacher (A 6’5 ex navy seal dude) while the last girl (with 38C’s) was on her 34th push up, she laughed, and hit her boobs on the counter really hard and ended her test, my teacher denied that it was true. I got detention and a big fat ZERO on my test for not developing quickly enough. Slow clap for you, school…

Classroom: I’m sorry I’m only a size 34A, ok?!

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