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March Madness (Pt. 6) - Who’s your write-in candidate for this year’s March Madness bracket?

5 years and Amir hasn’t picked a single winner.

Hardly Working: Butt Dial

Seems harmless. It’s anything butt.

St. Patricks Day vs. The Morning After

Irish I were still drunk.

Top 18 Kanye West Non-Rhyme Rhymes

This one’s a stretch.

Boston Charms Cereal

It’ll taste even better when you’re puking it back up.

Hardly Working: Winter Beard

All beards go to heaven.

March Movies are Terrible

Entertainment Tonight’s exclusive look at the upcoming hits from Hollywood’s most mediocre time of year.

Hardly Working: School Spirit

Owen’s college rivals are total classholes.

Very Mary-Kate: Instagram

Who wants daiquiris??? #nofilter

Bleep Bloop: Rugby, Cricket, and Darts

Not only do we not know the controls, we don’t know the rules.

Everyday Acting: Faking an Orgasm

The most dramatic performance comes at the climax.

The Nicolas Cage Awards

It’s a real Cagematch.

Hardly Working: Guy Fieri’s Bad News

Tragedy has never tasted this good.

CH Valentines: To the Family Friend My Mom Wants Me to Date

If you pass this along, you can at least tell Mom you tried.

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Very Mary-Kate: Dinner with Hoffman

The Oscar creeper sabotages Mary-Kate and Sarkozy’s date.