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Somebody Took A Mormon Anti-Masturbation Video And Set It To 50 Cent. And It Works.

I hope you don’t plan on being productive for the rest of the day, because the internet is about to muck that up. 

First things first, Jehovah’s Witnesses do not want people to be jerking it, especially deaf people. Probably because the risk of somebody walking in on them is even greater, and that’s just going to be awkward for everyone. (There’s no telling how many times Annie Sullivan walked in on Helen Keller mid-diddle…)

Second, Mr. Stormeh dubbed 50 Cent’s “In Da Club” over the anti-masturbation video and what we have is your new go-to dance for any social event from here on out. Watch the video

Mormon Dudes Can Ball

And on the third day God said, “Let there be ballers!” And there were ballers. And God saw the ballers, and it was awesome.


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You mean “Thank SCIENCE she found it funny.”

I joked with my (now-ex) girlfriend about what atheists say during sex instead of ‘Oh God’ we puzzled about it for awhile then decided to start having sex. Right before I was about to cum instead of saying ‘Oh God’ I decided to shout ‘Big bang theory’. Thank god she found it funny.

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