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The games might have higher stakes and less whimsy, but at least you can play them whenever you damn well please.  

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Jake and Amir: Monopoly

The only way to really win Monopoly is to escape with your sanity intact.

Ahh sheesh, Boardwalk.

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This week on The Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show - “Does Monopoly Suck?” Helping us get to the bottom of this very important question is NYU GameCenter faculty member Jesse Fuchs. We discuss the history of Monopoly, house rules that improve the game, and if Catan might ever be more popular.

Listen at and iTunes.

Perfectly timed with McDonald’s Monopoly ploy. Sidenote: If anyone has “Boardwalk” email me IMMEDIATELY. 

Honest Monopoly Board

Parker Brothers recently released an all new “honest” Monopoly board. This new version cuts through all the bullshit of the regular board and allows players to experience the game the way it was meant to be played.

Pennsylvania Railroad Sidewalk Grafitti 
Ugh, no one buys the railroads.

Pennsylvania Railroad Sidewalk Grafitti

Ugh, no one buys the railroads.


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Battleship Pitch Meeting

You sunk my faith in Hollywood.  

The GOP Candidates Play Monopoly

The only thing flimsier than the playing board is their policies.

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Features That Make “Monopoly” Jail Not So Scary

  1. A dog can visit you.
  2. You live in a place with weird laws anyway.
  3. There is an old man who lives there with you. He regales you with stories of how he once won a beauty pageant.

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McDonald’s Catan: When was the last time you finished a game of Monopoly.

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