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Mike and Watt Will Will Dead

The guys finally get even Stephen.

(Previously: Mike and Watt)

Mike and Watt Confront “Watt”

Don’t bite the hand that is you.

(Previously: Mike and Watt)

CollegeHumor's Favorite Funny Videos

Mike and Watt Get Free or Die

Trapped in the wash closet. (Previously: “Mike and Watt”)

Mike and Watt Get New Pants

Where there’s a Will there’s a Watt. 

(Previously: Mike and Watt)

CollegeHumor Rips Mike and Watt Off

Working hard or stealing everything?

CollegeHumor Reprimands Alex and Mike

Alex and Mike got in a lot of trouble for trying to make videos under the CollegeHumor brand. Their recent attempts at Oscar Predictions & Valentine’s Day Wishes really bombed on the site so Streeter had to bring them back to reality.