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Downton Abbey Performs One Direction

Good heavens, Harry Duke of Styles.

Indiana Teacher Who Wants “No Gays” Prom x Billy Madison

If openly-expressing-opinions-founded-on ignorance-and-intolerance in your pants is cool, consider her Miles Davis.


Zero Dark Knight Thirty

Osama, why so serious?


Sesame Street: Upside Downton Abbey

P is for peasantry.


Fireworks by Katy Perry (Yoko Ono cover)

'Cause you're hot and yoko.


Pop Danthology 2012

Party like it’s thirteen years after 1999.


Songs About the End of the World

Might as well face the rapture with a couple tunes stuck in your head.


How Dubstep is Actually Made

"CALL 911 USING LIFE ALERT NOW!" - Grandpa Skrillex


75 of the Best Covers Come Together to Form 1 “Call Me Maybe”

For the love of God, someone please call them already.

Street Fighter II With A Portal Gun

The only easier combination of games would be a game with no guns in it with guns. 

Guy Plays Every Blink-182 Album in a Minute

"This song is dedicated to all the lazy Blink-182 fans out there" - not Blink-182.

TV Show Hybrids That’ll Never Happen

TV Show Hybrids That’ll Never Happen

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Unintentionally Funny Commercial Mashup

The best part about late night television is that the people in charge are sleeping.

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SouljaQuest Mashup

This would be the best song to quit a job to.

Mike Tyson Quotes: the Song

Now that’s a beating I can dance to.

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