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7 Awesome Pickup Lines I Learned From Cartoons

1. Turn Into A Wolf And Howl At Them


A classic move. The “howling” lets the lady know that her physical appearance is pleasing to you, while your new wolf head shows her that you have a WILD SIDE and are also now a wolf.

2. Make An Old Timey “AAAAWOOOOOGAHHH!!!!” Car Horn Noise


What’s that old expression about “Women and Cars”? I don’t know. There may not be one. But if there were, it’d probably be something along the lines of “Women love old timey car horn noises and will insta-date any living thing that produces them.”

3. Have Your Heart Beat Super Loudly Out Of Your Chest  


The name of the game is “subtlety,” and there’s nothing more subtle than having your heart leap out of your chest and make a thumping noise in the direction of your potential romantic interest. She won’t know what that pounding, heart-shaped object under your shirt is. A box of chocolates? Your literal heart?? Now you’ve got so much intrigue you’re literally James Bond.

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Just because I’m livin’ hard doesn’t mean I’m not livin’ cute.

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7 Things I Only Know Because I Watched Cartoons

The Socio-Economic Implications of Monocles

I’ve never actually seen someone in real life wearing a monocle, and yet I immediately associate it with wealth and a sense of a classiness so classy that most everyday actions could offend the wearer’s delicate sensibilities. Monocles were, in fact, most frequently worn by the wealthy, who could afford custom-fitted monocles that were less likely to fall off one’s face. Today they are probably most frequently worn by some douchebag in a vest riding a penny-farthing bike through Brooklyn.


Kim Jong Un and Dennis Rodman Recreate Space Jam

The world-renowned basketball superstar teams up with Dennis Rodman.

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Rescue on the river - Sylvester the Cat
Tweety is wanted for questioning

Rescue on the river - Sylvester the Cat

Tweety is wanted for questioning

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Cartoon University

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