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Hate People Say Literally All The Time? You’ll Love “The Boy Who Cried Literally.”

Using “literally” incorrectly is literally the most annoying thing.

25 Words The Internet Has Rendered Meaningless [Click to finish me off]

Which word(s) do you think have been destroyed most by the Internet?

7 Words the Internet Should Stop Saying Right Now 

There are probably a lot of people on the Internet who are going to say I’m butthurt for writing this article, but those people are unoriginal, mentally worthless wastes of life-sustaining resources.

9 Proofreading Marks for Correcting People on the Internet [Click to see the last 3]

If there’s one thing people on the Internet love, it’s correcting each other. Correcting other people makes you feel smart while simultaneously making other people look stupid. And don’t think you can only correct people’s grammar; if you try hard enough you can correct just about anything, including fonts, opinions, and objectively true facts.

These new editorial marks let you correct people faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Someone Literally Left a Log in the Toilet
Geez, what a dump.

Someone Literally Left a Log in the Toilet

Geez, what a dump.