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Kid Snippets: Wedding Jitters

If you wuv him so much, den why don’t you mawwy him.

CollegeHumor Responds to the Beyonce Lip-Synching Scandal

Clear her name, clear her name.

Old People Lip Dub Call Me Maybe

Ugh, this song was from the summer. That was MONTHS ago jk this is adorable.


Mad Men Rickroll

It’s scary to imagine how much more people from this era would have drank if they knew this was going to be a thing.


Kid Snippets - Dance Class

Oh, children and their desire to make high art.

Epic All-American Rejects Lip Dub

Watch as Murph, Al, and LIL Tommy “Move Along” into your hearts.

Kid Performs Beyonce’s “Countdown” in a Snuggie

Once in a blue moon you come across a lib dub video that has the personality, editing, and inexplicable addition of a Snuggie to make a truly perfect cover. 

This cover by YouTuber KKPalmer has just pulled that off.  He matches Beyonce’s original version of “Countdown” almost shot-for-shot, while making it completely his own. Check it out!

[via his YT]

Miss America Call Me Maybe Lip Dub

The only thing faker than Donald Trump’s hairpiece is Carly Rae Jepsen’s voice. And all those boobs.

Inappropriate Ba’Noodle Lip Dub

Not safe for whichever weird kids want to watch a Ba’Noodle commercial.

The Streets Muppets N.W.A.

Straight out of Sesame Street.

(Source: College Humor)

12 Unconventional Christmas Songs [click for playlist]

Corporate Mariah Carey Christmas Card

(Source: College Humor)