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Who said having a job had to be boring?

These 17 Peoples’ Job Titles Says All There is About Living the Dream

Scott Hoy, Attorney for Something

South Dakota lawyer Scott Hoy’s commercial is ridiculously confusing.


Reading Buzzfeed is Like Being Interrogated


(Source: College Humor)

Reading Buzzfeed is Like Being Interrogated


(Source: College Humor)

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Jake and Amir: iPhone Case

You don’t know jacking.

Jake and Amir: Instagram

I have no filter.

This year in my legal studies class we were doing our crime topic, and one girl asks the question ‘So if a criminal is convicted of a crime, do they get to choose their own punishment?’ I can’t tell you how much my friends and I laughed during this class at their questions.

uPick Classroom - Of course they do

My uncle is the head of a huge law firm. He is apparently one of the most prolific lawyers in the UK, and very much enjoys boasting about his intelligence whenever we see him. He doesn’t know how to put paper into his printer. Whenever he runs out he phones my aunt to talk him through it because he’s too embarrassed to ask his assistant.

IdioTech - He should be embarrassed

Intelligence comes in many 8 1/2 x 11 sizes

REPLY ALL / REPLY ALL: Careers, Roommates, Monty Python, Remembering Names

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My dad wants me to join the army/sherrif’s department but I want to finish college and get my law degree. Any thoughts? Also, y’all are awesome. – Robin

It’s pretty normal to have some disconnect between what your parents want for your future and your own ambitions. For example, I wanted to be a Disney channel star but my parents wanted me to be “college educated” and “not likely to drive a Porsche through a stranger’s living room while on a coke binge.” Your dad has spent eighteen years making the major decisions for your life, so it’s probably a little scary to give up control to a complete life-running rookie. But ultimately, it is your life. So if what you really want is to be a lawyer, do it. Work your ass off and openly weep during the LSATs and buy power suits. Also, leave me your number because I’m going to need a good lawyer if the Disney thing ever pans out.

How do you gently tell you roommate that she NEEDS TO FUCKING KEEP HER SHIT ON HER SIDE OF THE DAMN ROOM? – M.V.

I’d say you have two options:

  1. A series of passive aggressive notes that spiral into aggressive aggressive notes and eventually land you a meeting with the RA to explain why you’ve covered the dorm room with “Fuck you and your fucking cereal bowl” post-its.
  2. Talk to her. Unless she’s some psychological mastermind, she’s probably not trying to piss you off on purpose. She might not even be aware of how much she’s invading your space. Don’t try to scold her (no one likes feeling cornered), but let her know where your head is at. “Hey can you try to keep your things on your side a little more? Sorry, stuff like that really stresses me out.”

BOOM! Angry confrontation avoided! People skills achieved!

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Luxemberg and Associates Will Give You Justice

Delicious, delicious justice.


Cyanide and Happiness: Fighting

Cyanide and Happiness: Fighting

(Source: College Humor)

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Local Divorce Commercial

You should always buy local when it comes to tomatoes or divorce lawyers.