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Ghost Ride Da Wet Whip

It’s like the Titanic, but more gnarly and less tragic. In other words, it’s also a boat.


Wedding Party Falls Into A Lake

Now that no one will be able to love them, they almost have to stay together forever.

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Frozen Sea Makes Crazy Noises

Though, to be fair, it’s the alien trapped under the ice that’s actually making the noises.

Wakeboarding on Icebergs in Alaska

The X-Games committee is currently arguing over whether this should be considered a summer or winter x-treme sport.

Huge Tire Bounces into Lake

And you thought tire fires were the coolest way to recycle old tires.

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Dropping a Huge Rock 400 Feet into a Lake

See the video 14-year-old boys everywhere are calling “freaking awesome.”

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RC Car Drives Across Lake

I guess Jesus took the wheel.

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