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If you ever wanted to know what Dave Grohl would look like in a tiara, here’s your answer.

Foo Fighters Just Delivered the Best Ice Bucket Challenge Yet


The Worst Hacking Scenes in Movies

Nothing looks older than trying to look futuristic.

Pulp Kitchen 
Does he look like a chef?

Pulp Kitchen

Does he look like a chef?


Who’s the Best Fictional President [Click to vote]

Polls close at noon so cast your votes now.

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Cool “Pulp Fiction” Song Using Sound Effects from the Film

"In Europe, they call this a groovy tune. Yeah, baby, yeah." - guy who has never been to Europe, but has seen the Austin Powers movies.

Hugh Jackman Facebook Pranks John Travolta in Swordfish

I definitely don’t remember that being in the original version of the movie, but I’ve also never seen it.

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