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Space Jam 2 needs to happen, it’s going to happen, and after seeing LeBron on The Tonight Show, it MUST happen. 

LeBron stepped onto Jimmy Fallon’s court for a 1980’s rap battle and 1-one-1 game of wastepaper basketball. I think it’s safe to say that Jimmy Fallon’s move to host of The Tonight Show is (ready for it)… a slam dunk. I think it’s also safe to say that Shaq isn’t any danger of losing his title as the “best” NBA player turned rapper. 

I feel certain this is the greatest thing that’s ever been done with three-hole punch college ruled paper. 

Bruce Springsteen Joins Jimmy Fallon in a “Born To Run” Parody on Chris Christie

Thunder Road’s a little backed up.


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Full size fun ;) don’t wake my parents.


Freestyling With My Mom (Fallon)

Yo momma so phat.


Ylvis Perform “The Fox” on Fallon

They thoroughly deserve a thank you note.


Jimmy Fallon and Paul McCartney Switch Accents

Yesterday, “luv” was such an easy word to say.


Miley Cyrus Sings “We Can’t Stop” A Capella with Jimmy Fallon & the Roots

And we can’t stop, and we won’t stop, singing this damn song.


Jimmy Fallon & The Roots Play Classroom Instruments With Sesame Street

Consider the clouds chased away.


Joking Bad (Jimmy Fallon “Breaking Bad” Parody)

I am the one who knock-knocks.


Jimmy Fallon, Robin Thicke & The Roots Sing “Blurred Lines” (w/ Classroom Instruments)


Mets Pitcher Matt Harvey Asks Fans What They Think Of Mets Pitcher Matt Harvey

Opponents also have a hard time identifying Matt Harvey

(Source: College Humor)

Jimmy Fallon and Chris Christie Slow-Jam [Click to watch]

Sounds like a legislative logjam.

5 Songs Covered by Chickens

"Some Nights" by Fun

All-Clucking Version ft. Amy Poehler & Michael Buble (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)


10 Celebs That Have the Power to Shoot Lasers Out of Their Eyes

What do you mean you didn’t know celebrities had secret eye-laser abilities? Where have you been, living under an oblivion rock? God, get it together and open your non-laser filled eyes.

CollegeHumor's Favorite Funny Videos

Fallon: Selena Gomez Covers “Mario Kart Love Song”

It’s-a me, Bieber’s ex.