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How the Movie Rating System Actually Works

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People playing dogs playing football.




This week on The Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show - “Does Monopoly Suck?” Helping us get to the bottom of this very important question is NYU GameCenter faculty member Jesse Fuchs. We discuss the history of Monopoly, house rules that improve the game, and if Catan might ever be more popular.

Listen at and iTunes.

Perfectly timed with McDonald’s Monopoly ploy. Sidenote: If anyone has “Boardwalk” email me IMMEDIATELY. 

Bleep Bloop: Playboy Mansion

Follow Jeff on TumblrTwitter, or his podcast and iTunes. Also follow Pat on Tumblr and Twitter.

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Bleep Bloop: Nick Arcade & Other Game Shows

Click to watch people watching videos of other people playing video games.

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Bleep Bloop: Fast & Furious

The summer’s best movie is now its worst videogame.

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This week on The Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show - classic Simpons trivia covering only episodes from the 90’s! The hosts of Classic Simpsons Trivia Night in Brooklyn put together a quiz, and I gathered the biggest Simpsons fans I know to see who could answer the most questions. Things like…

  • Why does Mr. Burns hate donuts?
  • Whose photo did Bart send to Mrs. Krabappel in response to her dating ad?
  • What do bee stings cause Smithers to do?

Listen on iTunes or, play along from home, and reblog with your score!

20 GIFS Guaranteed to Make You Wince: You’ve Been Warned

Oh mother of fucking god don’t look. Okay, just take a peek through your fingers. Just a tiny…OH NO INSTANT REGRET, ABORT ABORT!. Hopefully your skin doesn’t feel all itchy and weird and gross and NOPE after this.

Yay or Nay: Will the Xbox One Suck?

Microsoft is screwing everybody, especially us by retracting all these policies one day after we filmed this.

Bleep Bloop: Harry Potter Wonderbook

J.K. Rowling and Playstation team up to fix reading.

Bleep Bloop: Gambling on Smash Bros.

Jeff, Pat, and Amir let the Wii play itself and gamble on the results.