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Game of Thrones Brady Bunch Intro

The obvious mash-up for celebrating large, nontraditional families.


Cheers Theme 2013

Where everybody knows your n@m3.


Behind-the–Scenes: New Bleep Bloop Intro

Jeff Rubin teamed up with one of our favorite animators, Bill Bergen, for the new intro and Bill put together this short video of how he made it.

 It premiered on today’s episode!!! 

Workaholics Saved By The Bell Intro

This new intro is totally tight butthole.


"The Simpsons" Intro Recreated with "Family Guy" Episodes



Reading Rainbow Feat. DMX



"Breaking Bad" "Mad Men" Intro

Their poor old theme must feel like a regular Dick Whitman.

(Source: College Humor)

Alternate Mad Men Intros

Just in time for the new season, the AMC drama reveals some (thankfully) unused openings.

(Source: College Humor)