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An Improvised Biography Of Olivia Munn

I don’t believe she wrote “Call Me Maybe,” but I will continue to dial her incessantly.


Comic Book Villains Take an Improv Class

Our superheroes’ greatest foes seem to be experts at witty banter. How do they fare in an improv comedy class?


Improv Everywhere: Instant Date

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Dire Consequences: Hot Pepper Improv

Kevin or Murph must eat a habanero chili and perform live comedy. Whoever loses, the audience wins.

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SWAT Team Storms Elevator Sings I Will Survive To Passengers

All of a sudden I really want to be arrested by a Russian SWAT team.

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Meet a Black Person Stand

The people of Aspen meet a cultural ambassador from the exotic land of Minnesota.

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Best Buy Uniform Prank

That’s one way to improv costumer service.


I’m in the newest Improv Everywhere sketch, “Mute Button.” I had a (pretend) argument with my (pretend) girlfriend with a hundred (real) people watching. It was fun!

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New episode of Hello My Name Is: Donna Higby

She’s a total babe.

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Fourth episode of, “Hello My Name Is.” This time, Josh gets turned into a motorcycle enthusiast…for a cause.

He just wants to see eye to eye.