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Dire Consequences: Hot Pepper Improv

Kevin or Murph must eat a habanero chili and perform live comedy. Whoever loses, the audience wins.

(Source: College Humor)

SWAT Team Storms Elevator Sings I Will Survive To Passengers

All of a sudden I really want to be arrested by a Russian SWAT team.

(Source: College Humor)

Meet a Black Person Stand

The people of Aspen meet a cultural ambassador from the exotic land of Minnesota.

Best Buy Uniform Prank

That’s one way to improv costumer service.


I’m in the newest Improv Everywhere sketch, “Mute Button.” I had a (pretend) argument with my (pretend) girlfriend with a hundred (real) people watching. It was fun!

New episode of Hello My Name Is: Donna Higby

She’s a total babe.

Fourth episode of, “Hello My Name Is.” This time, Josh gets turned into a motorcycle enthusiast…for a cause.

He just wants to see eye to eye.