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Inquisitive George Visits a Hospital »

Inquisitive George Visits a Hospital [Click to finish your lesson]

The Man In The Yellowish Hat is sick, so he and Inquisitive George go to the hospital. Inquisitive George wanders off, and learns a lot about what goes on in a hospital!

37 Reasons Teens on the Internet Are Absolutely the Worst

Teenagers are seriously the worst. I mean, just terrible. It’s okay, everyone has to go through their blunder years. But seriously you’re an embarrassment to yourself and your country. Here’s 38 reasons why.

I’ve just spent 25 minutes locked in a basement, having to call a friend to look up my boss in the phonebook to get him come get me out, have got yelled at by a 80 year old dude foaming at the mouth, with said foam flying out at my face, had a 60 year old woman show me her bare, 1 hour fresh scarred chest to explain that she can’t shower because she just had surgery done (I work in a hotel opposite a hospital), and got electrocuted. It’s my first day.

Work Sucks - I got electrocuted

How bad could your day have really been?

The Best Way to Beat the Heat [Click to continue viewing]

The Best Way to Beat the Heat [Click to continue viewing]

Hit and Run [Click to see more Cyanide & Happiness comics]

Hit and Run [Click to see more Cyanide & Happiness comics]

So I work in a lab at the hospital attached to the university I attend. I have a “dirty” job since most of my duties, no pun intended, are processing stool samples. Normally the job is pretty mundane, but one day, I had the absolute worst thing that could happen on the job occur, a “pooh murder.” Part of the process of processing a sample is to put the bucket of poop in a paint can shaker for a few minutes to stir it up, but on this particular day, I forgot to completely close the lid, causing a two pound bucket of shit to literally explode and spray all over the room. It took close to an hour to clean up. You think your job is shitty, tell me about it.