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OK wait, but seriously what’s the plan for tonight?
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OK wait, but seriously what’s the plan for tonight?

Read —> Group Texts Are the Worst

Seriously though, Lion King 17 really ties up some loose ends.

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Watch —> Someone Made a Live Action Version of the DuckTales Theme Song

It seems a lot less weird that they’re not wearing pants in the live version.


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See the similarities?

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How to Cut Your Own Bangs

All you need is scissors, a bottle of wine, and a broken heart.

21 isn’t the only drinking age.

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Does EVERYTHING cause cancer?

Cookware has never been more exciting.

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What Google Looks Like In 5 Different Countries

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Baby Aunt is your age.  Baby Aunt still wears sweatpants with words on the butt, and she runs track.  Baby Aunt thinks it’s hilarious to call you her “little niece/nephew” and slap you on the back.  Baby Aunt doesn’t understand that when she hits you in the back it really fucking hurts.  That joke got old about six months after you both started kindergarten.  Shut up, Baby Aunt.  Nobody else thinks its that big of a deal that you’re technically an aunt.

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Happy National Wildlife Day!

Here’s an “Overly Realistic Version of Buck Hunter” 


AMA and I’ll do it.

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