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What will we do once it’s all gone?

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The comments section is a dangerous place.

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Man, I miss constantly sleeping with models and not being lonely WHATSOEVER

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Employee Manuals…Probably

Sometimes the employees of a company are so consistent in the way they perform a certain task, it seems that’s how they must have been trained.  Here, without naming names, are these companies’ employee manuals…probably.

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Don’t talk to me until you’ve read this article.

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Every Videogame from The Simpsons »

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Do you think it’s only fair that there be a White History Month? Then we’ve got the soda for you! 

If You’re Only KINDA Racist, This Is The Beverage For You!

Things look a little different when you’re drunk…

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8 Rejected Photobooth Effects

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Watch —> Nick Offerman’s Shower Thoughts

Nick Offerman is a wise man that often contemplates life while gently stroking his mustache. Prepare to reevaluate everything you know in life as he rattles off some of the more genius musings found on Reddit’s r/showerthoughts thread.

Forget the big questions and revelations like “what happens after death?” and “1/5 of all people in the world are on social media,” Offerman’s digging up true mind blowers. Like the fact that your right hand has never touched your right elbow. *BOOM!*

Better check the back of your head, cuz it’s likely your mind was just blown out of it. 


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Mr. Burns wants to connect with you on Linkedin. Excellent.

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