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My dorm mixed in students from an acting school. I was lucky enough to have the wannabe-actresses move into the rooms surrounding my own. You know those rich girls from the movie ‘White Chicks’? That was them, except replace “One thousand miles” with SirMixaLot’s “Baby got back”. I was even luckier when they would scream at 4am, banging on my door and run back as if I couldn’t see or tell it was them. It guess it was my punishment for being a “short, nerdy, Asian” girl, according to them. So being “actresses”, they all had their head shots taken and conveniently left them in the lounge. They’ll never know that I helped jump-start their online porn-star careers. Never mess with a “short, nerdy, Asian” graphic designer with wicked Photoshop skills.

Photoshop’s New Hover Hand Tool

"Now you can use Photoshop to live the life you want, instead of the life you were cursed with…"

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