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Psy - Gentleman Music Video

Great.. another dance for my parents to learn


Damn…that Rutgers coach is a hardass about EVERYTHING. He needs to calm down and maybe try Mary Poppins-ing.


Kid’s Spongebob Style Parody Deserves a Minute of Your Day

What a goofy goober.


Baby Wakes to Gangnam Style

Eyyyyy, wakey wakey.


Jake and Amir: Work Out Clothes [Click to watch]

Nothing beats that “Gangnam” thing! You know, from the pistachio commercial.

The Top 5 Most Offensive Superbowl Commercials [Click for more]

Gangnam Pistachios

This one typifies one of the most destructive double-standards in society today. Why is that when we see men dancing on TV, they’re always having goofy fun WITH THEIR CLOTHES ON, but when you look at the OTHER side, every single depiction of anthropomorphic pistachios shows them sexily peeling off their shells within seconds. This objectification of anthropomorphic pistachios is irresponsible. Pistachios are more than objects. That’s why we took the the time to anthropomorphize them — so they would have human qualities! What kind of example is this setting? Pistachios are more than just a shell waiting to be cracked open, and sometimes pistachios do that weird thing where they’re not split and you can NEVER get them open. We need to make sure that these more realistic depictions of anthropomorphic pistachios are presented in media today. Continue


Amazing Flip Book Animation Will Restore Your Love For Gangnam Style

Last one…we promise.


So many videos to choose from, but only one can be The Best Internet Video Of 2012. VOTE NOW!

Insane Clown Posse Watch PSY’s Gangnam Style - ICP Theater

Ayyyyyy juggalady.

YouTube Rewind 2012

More viral than swine flu, which was sooo 2009.


The Internet’s Defense Mechanism

That guy knows PSYkwondo.


Fearless Kid Joins NFL Cheerleaders

Urrybody love him, urry- urrybody love him 


The Worst Gangnam Style Cover, By Far

Spartan High School makes a Gangnam Style parody so terrible we’re convinced it must have been intentional.


Bill O’Reilly Doesn’t Understand Gangnam Style

Ayyyyyy, Fox News ladies


PSY & MC Hammer Do “Gangnam Style”

All right, technically speaking you can touch “Gangnam Style,” but please don’t anymore.