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15 Pictures That Will Confuse Your Boner

Doesn’t matter, still…got… a boner?

12 Dogs That Are Walking Themselves [Click for more]

These adorable pooches can walk themselves, thank you very much.

14 More Animals Looking into the Camera With Cheesy Smiles

The wacky selfie-face is the TRUE intra-species language.

Previously: 16 Animals Looking into the Camera with Cheesy Smiles

20 GIFs That Prove Sharks Are Actually Satan

It’s Shark Week, and nothing screams Shark Week quite like all of us screaming “AW HELL NAW, NATURE”.

10 Of The Best Cop Selfies

Even cops take a break from doling out sweet justice to snap a selfie. Smile, and say, “Miranda Rights!” All pictures courtesy of copselfies.

(Source: copselfies)

The Cure for Duck Face Photos is to Photoshop Spaghetti onto Them

You look sooooo cute but OMG carbs.


15 Horrible Things People Have Found in Their Food

I said hold the sludge and mice!

10 Celebs That Have the Power to Shoot Lasers Out of Their Eyes

What do you mean you didn’t know celebrities had secret eye-laser abilities? Where have you been, living under an oblivion rock? God, get it together and open your non-laser filled eyes.

Important Lessons “The Office” Has Taught Us [Click for more]

After 9 hilarious, sentimental and all around fun seasons of “The Office” it’s finally come to an end. We’ll miss you, Dunder Mifflin! Somehow you’ve made us all want to work at a paper company in middle-of-nowhere Pennsylvania.

Best of Kiss Cam [Click for all]

Best of Kiss Cam [Click for all]


(Source: insidemycorruptmind)

10 Ways to Embarrass Yourself At Graduation

We hope you get off to a good start, unlike all of these unfortunate people.


15 Horrible Things People Have Found in Their Food [Click for more]

If you’re one of the lucky ones who got an extra treat in your meal then congratulations. At best you’ll make it onto the 6 o’clock news, at worst you’ll get to star in a CollegeHumor list where we all revel in how lucky we are to not be you.

10 Ways to Embarrass Yourself At Graduation

"As we go on, we remember, all the times you, embarrassed yourself in front of friends and family and also strangers" - Vitamin C. We hope you all make it through the ceremony without scarring your dignity forever like these people did. 


The Best TIME ‘Millennials’ Cover Parodies [Click for more]

TIME Magazine’s latest cover story, in which Millennials are labeled as “lazy, entitled narcissists who still live with their parents,” is merely the latest attempt by a publication to sell more copies by fanning the old generational warfare flame. The good thing is, we’re not going to let this piece fester in our minds until our blood boils (shudder). Instead, we can enjoy something else they gave us: a cover that’s pretty easy to Photoshop. While a couple of these fight back, the majority degenerate into what we do best: get silly.

Honestly though, it seems like they read our guide to Millennials before they wrote their piece.

Challenge Accepted!

Fun Life Fact: The best way to get people to try something stupid is to say they can’t do it.