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You can’t fit a round peg in a square hole unless you REALLY force it in there.

Finish - Well THAT Does Not Belong In There: 12 VERY Out-of-Place Things

Vending machine manufacturers want you to think that vending machines have improved with computer technology, but that’s just a lie. These machines are the equivalent of a schoolyard bully, and your snack money belongs to them. 

Go ahead, put another dollar in the machine; push H7 till your fingers bleed.  You’re never getting that bag of chips. 

No Snack For You: 20 Vending Machine Fails [Click to finish]

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Please Don’t Stick Stuff Up Your Butt: 16 Strange X-Rays of Things People Have Put Up There

Just a friendly reminder from your favorite proctologist, Dr. Butt.

1. Candy Cane


2. iPod


3. Sunglasses


4. Glass Bottle


5. A Vibrator AND Salad Tongs


Finish Please Don’t Stick Stuff Up Your Butt: 16 Strange X-Rays of Things People Have Put Up There

Here’s some of the wisest words you’ll ever read while snorting crack under a bridge. 

Finish “Thanks Graffiti! 14 Perfect Pieces of Good Advice Graffiti Full Gallery

13 Awkward Penguins Who Keep Tripping Over Their Own Feet

To be fair, ice is slippery.

It’s the Little Things that Make Our Favorite Things Better

These Easter Eggs come over easy.

These Animals Are Definitely Hitting on You [Click if you wanna return the favor]

Ooooh baby, you’re an animal.

Happy HallowNOPE!

Can You Get Through These 23 Horrifying Gifs Without Peeing Yourself?

13 Skeletons Gettin’ Down In Normal, Everyday Situations

Beneath it all, we’re all the same: just weird, creepy bones.

I’ll take a Bic Mac with a side of fellacio.

Why Are So Many People Giving Ronald McDonald Blow Jobs?

Whether you upgraded your OS, got a new phone, or are just plain getting tired of your old background, here are some fresh ideas for making that screen you look at every 3 minutes fun and exciting.

10 MORE Unique and Inventive Cell Phone Lock Screen Wallpapers

10 MORE Gifs Will Make Your Nuts Hurt

14 People Who Can’t Figure Out How to Use Chairs

Hint: If your butt isn’t on the seat, you’re doing it wrong. Another hint: If you don’t have a butt, please see a physician.

15 Impeccably Timed Photos That’ll Make Your Day Better [Click for 6 more!]

This goes to show that no matter where you are or what you’re doing the most important thing to have is a camera at the ready.