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9 Awesome TV Themes: Piano Medley

Can you guess them all?


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Nice Try, IHOP (with Lance Reddick)

The Wire and Fringe star presents the most useless crime-fighting show on TV.

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My FULL UNEDITED SECRET Audition for Peter Bishop in Fringe


Here’s the full unedited version of my secret audition for the newly vacated role of Peter Bishop on Fringe. Last week at Comic Con, the audition was included in a montage of other talented actors auditioning for the role. Fingers crossed!

Click here to see the montage of Peter Auditions from Comic Con

Nailed it.

Secret Fringe Auditions for Peter Bishop at Comic Con

"I was included in a group of actors who were asked to audition for the now up in the air role of Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson’s old character) in Fringe. I’m unsure if they’ve made their decision yet but two hours ago, they screened the audition footage at Comic Con. Enjoy" - (via rejectedjokes)

We’ve got our fingers crossed for Ben on this one.