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Scooter Freestyle

Almost makes scooters seem cool…. Almost…


Freestyle Bane

My¬†name is Bane and I’m here to say, I was born in the dark in a rappin’ way.


New Will Smith Freestyle

Well, he’s still fresher than Prince Charles. That’s for sure.


Hardly Working: Rap Battle

Streeter and Amir burn each other lyrically… with a little help from “Freestyle Love Supreme.”

Background Dancer Music Video Tryouts

Anyone can tear up the dance floor, it takes real talent to do so while making everyone feel wildly uncomfortable.

(Source: College Humor)

Extreme Tricks on a Vintage Ladies Bike

To me, the most impressive part is that his bloomers never got caught in his chain.

Freestyling to the Heart Monitor

Good beat, but it’s a little slow. Maybe imagine a dinosaur is trying to eat you.”

Khaliyl the Freestyling Baby

His style is so free, it isn’t even bound by making sense.

(Source: College Humor)

Jake and Amir: Rap Teacher 2 (feat Hoodie Allen)

Freestyle makes me smile.

(Favorite Jake&Amir in awhile. Check this out for sure)

(Source: College Humor)