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Four-Year-Old Sings Bruno Mars on Ellen

Don’t let the gwenade essplode.


You, Me [Click for full gallery]

Understand, me and you are not on the same level. Ever

Ellen DeGeneres Loves SNL Sketch About Her Show

Of course she loved it, she’s Ellen.


Six-Year-Old Piano Prodigy Dazzles

I mean, let’s give that piano some credit too. Children have the filthiest little fingers, and it didn’t show any signs of being disgusted.


Ellen Scaring People

I guess when it all comes down to it, celebrities are small and terrified beings just like us.


Psy Teaches Britney Spears Gangnam Style

Aw, now Kevin Federline feels even worse about his latest attempt at starting a dance craze not going viral.


CollegeHumor’s Round-Up of Best Tweets: July 13th


History of Comedy Techno Remix

To remix the remix, just add a rimshot.

Steve Carell and Ellen Play Charades

It gets weird.