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Stop worrying about the terminal decline of global porno production, and take a peek at this list of ten pornos that are headed to the Porno Emmys this year.

" If everyone defended gay people the way they defend Duck Dynasty, I would hate Twitter a lot less." -

Brian “Murph” Murphy

A handy chart to help you figure out who’s yelling at whom and why.

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CollegeHumor Behind the Scenes

You may have noticed these two looking a little different lately. Streeter is emulating the medieval prince look, while Jake appears to be auditioning for Duck Dynasty. 

Here’s the scoop: These two are locked in a horrible bet. If Streeter cuts his hair before April, Jake gets to decide what facial hair he has to keep for a week. If Jake breaks down and shaves his beard, Streeter gets to pick a new haircut for Jake.

THE GAME IS ON and shit is getting real. 

Who do you think will chicken out first? 

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Obama Doesn’t Like The Real Housewives

But he DOES love “Duck Dynasty.”