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True Detective Offers Everyday Safety Tips »
How to Play Board Games While High »

90’s Cartoons With Drug Problems Will Take You to Nightmaretown

Artist Paul Ribera decided to ruin all of childhoods with warped and strung out versions of 90’s cartoons. Have fun trying to sleep ever again.

What Playing Table Tennis on Drugs Feels Like

We could be in the Olympics, dawg. Seriously.


Streeter Seidell

Streeter Seidell

16 Hilariously Honest Company Slogans

If the advertising world was more honest you’d probably still buy all this shit.

Check out more of these at our favorite new Tumblr - Honest Slogans

CollegeHumor's Favorite Funny Videos

Jake and Amir: Road Trip Part 2 (New Orleans)

Better than old Orleans

Mom’s Cautionary Shrooms Tale  
Thanks for the trip tip, mom.


Colorado Tourism Commercial (Now that Weed is Legal)

The altitude isn’t the only thing that’s high (i.e. the people are as well - high on marijuana).


I’m sweatin’. WOO.

Watch An Accurate Description of What Happens on Molly


If Oliver Stone Took Over a Kids’ Show

It’s one big cuddly conspiracy.


Why Neo Never Would Have Left the Matrix

Why Neo Never Would Have Left the Matrix


When Jake acts like a dog to oregano x

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s Batshit Insane Rant

He’s oot of his mind.


Guy on Shrooms Playing Super Smash Bros. Just Toggles Between Mario Colors

Super, super smashed.