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Invisible Driver Prank 2

Now you see him, now you crash.


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World’s Fastest Drive-Thru Service

Ba da ba ba ba, I’m already eating.

I went to visit a friend in Key West and ended up getting so drunk I ran off and ended up passing out in the bushes of a Burger King drive-thu. I was awoken by 6 cops that didn’t seem too happy. One of the cops asked if I had taken any drugs or alcohol that evening. My response was “Sir, I won’t lie I haven’t taken any drugs but I’m fucking wasted.” All of the cops started laughing and eventually drove me back to my friend’s apartment. I found out later they took photos of me while I was passed out and managed to send them to my friend.

This is What Happens When You Order a Salad at McDonald’s

The flames are Newman’s Own, so at least you know you’re supporting a good cause.

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I work at a drive-thru starbucks, and yesterday, when there was no one in the store, a lady came in and asked where the drive-thru was. We pointed, and she promptly left the store, got in her car and came around the drive-thru.

McDonalds Drive Thru Center Playset

It even comes with acne stickers to put all over your face.

It even comes with acne stickers to put all over your face.

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