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CH Live: NYC - Donald Glover

Our CollegeHumor Live show’s have hosted some of the best comedians around. Come join us TONIGHT at 9:30 for an all new show at UCB featuring:

Host Streeter Seidell and including

Emily Axford & Brian “Murph” Murphy, Dan St. Germain & Alex Schmidt and many more!

!. You can RSVP for free and tix are only $5 at the door. Reserve yours now. 

Here’s the poster: 


A Mess of Memes

That escalated quickly.


Do You Like Hip Hop?

Before he was Childish Gambino, Donald Glover was just a normal dude into Hip Hop.

We want to send out our official congrats to OSCAR WINNER Jim Rash. A talented writer and funny dude who absolutely steals this video. 

Derrick Comedy: Thomas Jefferson

The Founding Father and ageless being spans infinity to rock your face off.

Donald Glover “Save Community” PSA

Together, we can make the world a better place for sitting on the couch and watching TV

CollegeHumor Exclusive: Save Greendale (with the cast of Community)

These human beings are proud to be Human Beings.

(Source: College Humor)

Joel McHale’s Sexiest Man Alive Video

Pour me a hot cup of that. Am I right, ladies?

Derrick Comedy: Thomas Jefferson

History is crazy, man.

(Source: College Humor)