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Lion King: The Honest Movie Trailer

Oh, I just can’t wait to be all jaded about this childhood classic.


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Ponda Boba uses his phone too much

Recently, CollegeHumor had the honor of working with Disney and Lucasfilm on the Star Wars cantina set. Here’s the full list of videos.

Liz Phair sings a hippie song

More from the hive of scum and villainy.

Mark McGrath talks about how Sand People get a bad rap

Watch 6 more videos to find out the real reason the cantina doesn’t serve droids, why the sand people are so chill, and how Boba Fett survived the Sarlacc. Watch now.

mc chris tries to prove that he’s really Boba Fett

The Star Wars Cantina Band Held Auditions. Here’s The Hilarious Footage.

Reggie Watts is a beatboxing droid

We also have the audition tapes for Chris Daughtry, Ben Folds, Liz Phair, Reggie Watts, Mark McGrath, Jordin Sparks, Rick Springfield, Weird Al, Lisa Loeb, and mc chris! Here’s the full playlist

Ben Folds mourns killing an Ewok

Recently, CollegeHumor had the honor of working with Disney and Lucasfilm on the Star Wars cantina set. Here’s the full video and the rest of the auditions.

Click for MORE: Why Frozen Is Really All About Gay Marriage

(Source: College Humor)

Click to finish: What Disney Villains Would Look Like If They Were Hot

The better to seduce you with.

(Source: College Humor)

Frozen Meets GTA IV

Guilty of breaking and entering our hearts.


How Frozen Should Have Ended

Frozen Parenting Tip 101: Maybe you shouldn’t take parenting advice from talking rocks. 


Finish World Politicians Are Now Disney Villains

Artist Saint Hoax has taken political figures across the world and re-imagined them as famous Disney villains. Because Kim Jung-un just looks too cute in a dress not to.

10 Things That Still Bother Me About Beauty And The Beast »

Disney Princess Spring Breakers Trailer 

What happens in the Magic Kingdom, stays in the Magic Kingdom.