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McDonald’s partnered with the animator’s of “Despicable Me” to revamp the Happy Meal box. WITH TEETH. TEEEEETH. They want you to have it your way…or else.

Finish 12 Reasons the New McDonald’s Happy Meal Box is F*cking Terrifying

Controversial street artist Banksy has begun a month-long residency in New York, and while it’s exciting to see his art on display here in the Big Apple, some of his newer work seems somewhat…uninspired. Don’t believe us? We snapped a few exclusive pics of his latest pieces from around the city to help you decide for yourself. 

Anyone Else Feel Like Banksy Is Getting Kind of Lazy? [Click for 4 MORE]

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Crazy Person Explains Occult, Freemason and Illuminati Symbolism in Despicable Me

This guy is crazy—for the truth (but also the not truth).