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A woman came through my till to return a vibrator. When the till asked me for the reason for the refund I chose “Customer not satisfied” from the selection. I think my laughing might have embarrassed her.

I work at a restaurant as a hostess. We have three different size booths; two tops, four tops, and six tops. One day a young couple came in. Since there were only two, I sat them at a two top. They insisted that it was too small so I moved them to a four top. They insisted that that was also too small. I then moved them to a six top which was too big, back to a four top which was too big, and finally to the original two top which was “perfect”

I now work at a company that makes and sells piercings as the shipper, which usually means I’m the last person to touch the jewelry before the UPS guy and the customers themselves. Part of that duty also requires me to call shops that are paying with check or money order (CODs). One of our major COD clients is called Precious Slut. I accidentally dialed the wrong number, I saw it, but before I could hang up, an old woman answered. Even though I knew it was a wrong number, I still asked, “this isn’t Precious Slut is it?” The lady responded, ‘WHAT?! HOW DARE YOU CALL ME A SLUT!” And she hung up.