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Animals Chasing Laser Pointers Compilation

They’ll never get the point.


The Worst Segway Fails

Of course, the greatest fail of all is using a Segway.


September 2013 Vine Compilation (100 Best Vines)

Six seconds is all you need to make a difference. Or just a funny video.

Cats Saying Om Nom Nom Compilation

"Meow" is so yesterday.


Steve Aoki Caking Compilation

In which EDM Party Boy / DJ Steve Aoki throws a cake in the face of someone in the crowd, with actually really good accuracy. Watch until the end for the epic wheelchair hit.

(Source: College Humor)

Playground Fail Compilation

No intelligent people were harmed in the making of this video.


Seals Yelling Like Humans Supercut

No wonder “Kiss From a Rose” sounded so lifelike.


Best F-Bombs on the News

That’s all for now, fucks.


Dogs in Boots Compilation

The best part is, Antonio Banderas was nowhere to be heard.


All The Double-Ohs From James Bond Supercut

Not shaken or stirred.

(Source: College Humor)