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Dogs Imitating Sirens: The Supercut

You know when you’re a Dog, hangin’ out doing Dog Stuff and you hear another dog howling at you from far away? And then your owner is like “No, Dog, that is not a dog that’s a Siren” but you just howl back anyway to your new friend? And then your owner decides to film you? Ugh. #ThingsOnlyDogsWillUnderstand

Kids Losing Balloons (the Supercut) »

Dikembe Mutombo Versace Remix (Vine)

That flow could win championships, dawg.


Parrots Dancing Compilation  

Polly wanna get down with her bad self?



Dang, he pimped his own entrance.


JibJab’s 2013 Year in Review

Let’s review all the shitty things that happened this year. 


100 Greatest Action Movie Punchlines

Boom, right in the kisser.


Guys, I think we might have started this fire 

Watch We Didn’t Start The Fire (2013 Celebrity Hype Edition)


Best Vines of Frisbee Trick Shots 2013 

This isn’t your casual toss on the quad.


Parrots Annoying Cats Compilation

Polly wants a FUCK YOU CAT.


Every Movie Trailer From 2013

Definitive proof that trailers are the best part.


Pop Danthology 2013 (68 Song Year End Mashup)

This track contains 67 songs… AND MORE!

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DJ Earworm’s 2013 United State of Pop Year-End Mashup

It’s the perfect song if you can’t decide on what you want to listen to, but definitely want it to be recent.

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Martial Arts Fails Compilation

Enter the drag, man.


Star Wars Trailer: Blooper Derp Edition

Luke, I am your derp-a-derp.